Rinku Sen

Narrative Initiative

Rinku Sen is an expert on shifting narratives. In her role as the Executive Director of Narrative Initiative, she leads a cross-functional team that weaves the power of narrative with other social movement strategies to achieve long term equity and justice.

Darren Walker, president of the Ford Foundation, a founding funder of Narrative Initiative, said. “Rinku Sen is an extraordinary choice to lead the Narrative Initiative,” Walker said. “If this year has taught us nothing else, it’s that there is incalculable power in shifting the narrative around racial and economic justice in America and around the world. Rinku has dedicated her career to this work — she’s one of our field’s true leaders and she will be an inspired leader of Narrative Initiative at this extremely important moment.”

At a time when we need to define a more expansive “we,” rebuild democracy and address inequality, Sen brings extensive organizing, storytelling and communications talents and experiences to the organization.

“Narrative is the way we tell stories of real human beings and their courageous efforts to make change in the face of systems that hold them back. Narrative change includes moving people to act on their beliefs,” said Rinku Sen. “Preparing for the hard work of unifying our country behind ideals of justice, stewardship and community.”

Alvin Starks of Open Society Foundations and Chair of Narrative Initiative board said of Rinku: “Narratives create meaning. They define our past and what it meant as well as our future and what is possible. If we want transformational change that defeats growing inequity, racial injustice and othering that divides society, our movements must excel at creating compelling and contagious narratives. Rinku has an impressive track record of disrupting how we see the world so we can see something better. She’ll be a visionary leader for Narrative Initiative.”

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Writing about Feminism

Rinku cites, as her guiding vision, an epitaph on the grave of Trinidadian-born pianist, entrepreneur and community activist Carmen England, in north London’s Highgate Cemetery,